A few photos of Matthias


  • is called: Matthias Zepper
  • is present since: March 1986
  • is from: Großbottwar (somewhere in Southern Germany)
  • lives in: Münster
  • makes: a lot of cool stuff ; nice photos ; never, what he is told
  • already did: study Life Sciences ; work as a student representative ; get a C-Card (SSI) ; operate a website about penguins ; play the piano
  • can: talk to a computer ; unfortunately rarly have a lie-in ; remember a lot of useless facts
  • is: actually not bad
  • likes: photography ; comics ; good films and books
  • would like to: have more time and opportunities to photograph ; give free rein to his creativity ; do something with friends more often
  • has: a lot of fantasy ; too much stuff ; still self-respect
  • operates this website: exactly like he wants it ; so he doesn't stray in the city
  • admires: quite a lot good photographers (e.g. Frans Lanting, Bill Frakes, Joey L, Brian Skerry, Willy Puchner, Gero Breloer, Steve McCurry, Hanna Witte) ; many scientists (e.g. Frederick Sanger, Harald Lesch) ; visionary people with great ideas (e.g. Linus Torvalds ; Lawrence Lessing ; Richard Stallman ; Randy Pausch)
  • reads: c't ; gladly emails ; books ; too many blogs
  • supports: Scientific projects by participating in the World Community Grid

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